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Dr. Daksha Hirani was born and brought up in Kenya and moved to the UK completing her university education. She currently works as a clinical psychologist in private practice in the UK having worked for the NHS for 10 years. Working to give back a little of what Kenya has offered her she takes great pride in Raha International’s work. The Kenyan partnerships she has forged during her time in Kenya means the children sponsored through our programmes are provided with the best start in life possible. It ensures that Raha can help empower more and more children through education. She feels equally as passionate about the children in the UK and holds an annual Christmas collection to provide presents to inner city London children affected by HIV and /or adversity in childhood. For many these are the only presents they receive in the year




Kanta Hirani is a Chartered Certified Accountant and is responsible for looking after the financial affairs of the charity. She was born in India and brought up in Tanzania and Portugal before moving to the UK. All the work she does for the charity is voluntary and free of charge.  Her role is to make sure that the Charity keep scrupulous records of where every donation comes from and where the money is spent and also all the related secretarial duties.  She has three children, all now at University and has managed to juggle home and work life to keep offering her voluntary services to Raha.




Shanta Hirani grew up and did her early education in Nairobi, Kenya. She moved to UK with her young family and pursued her dream to be an Accountant. She joined an accounting practice in London and juggled her life as a mother and sat for professional exams. As she joins Raha, her financial background will provide added support to the charity.

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