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Passion Led Us Here


Many circumstances can result in children and young adults not being able to complete education, be it at the school, college or university level. Our sponsors are committed to supporting the education of children and young adults, to enable them to have more choices and live independently.

Raha considers children’s situation holistically and tailors a program to meet their needs. Paying fees for youngsters and providing amenities necessary to complete education form the basis of the programme.

Our support includes

  • Access to a balanced diet

  • If necessary, provision of sheltered housing

  • Access to and provision of basic sanitary and health care services

  • Provision of psychological wellbeing services for traumatic experiences

  • Workshops for teachers and parents

  • Assessment and provision for special education needs and aids


With our team’s skilled and trained volunteers, Raha also makes the most of excellent support from community volunteers, social workers, counselors, teachers, doctors and psychologists.

We work primarily in Kenya and we also lead community initiatives within UK.


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